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The SecureWorld Sessions

Apr 21, 2020

In this episode, we speak to attorney Michael Simon of cybersecurity and data privacy law firm XPAN Law Group. We cover the historic move to Zoom and other remote work tools. What are the privacy, legal, and security risks of this new digital workforce? How can you avoid certain lawsuits against your organization by optimizing remote work tools?

@6:26 Simon says: "This is not the death knell for privacy. I see people write up that privacy's done, it's over with. I've got friends in the government who would tell me, 'Oh, it's all over.' No, it's not. This is the opposite. We're going to have to take and build privacy and cybersecurity far more into the things that we do, because now we're all using primarily these mechanisms. You know, we're being all digital. And that has to be built in."