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The SecureWorld Sessions

Aug 24, 2021

Are CISOs getting sued? Yes. Investors filed a lawsuit that specifically names the CISO of SolarWinds as a defendant. Is this the beginning of a trend to sue the Chief Information Security Officer after a cyber incident?

#InfoSec twitter reacts, and so do the experts on today's podcast: Rebecca Rakoski is co-founder and...

Aug 10, 2021

In this true cybercrime episode, we uncover the case of an insider threat scheme at an AT&T Wireless call center. Court documents reveal how rogue employees collected approximately $1 million in bribes.

Plus, Dr. Larry Ponemon discusses the Insider Threat risk, and John Grimm discusses Insider Threat best practices.

Aug 3, 2021

In this true cybercrime episode, we interview Myra Rosario-Fuentes, Senior Threat Researcher at Trend Micro, who just completed an in-depth, two-year research project on Dark Web markets, especially those selling exploits that hackers use to take advantage of security holes in networks and devices.

How much is a Zero...