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The SecureWorld Sessions

Feb 25, 2020

The SecureWorld Sessions is a cybersecurity podcast that gives you access to people and ideas that impact your career and help you secure your organization.

In this episode: How do you develop cybersecurity advocates across the organization? Featured interviews with: Deneen DeFiore, VP & CISO, United Airlines; Zaki Abbas, VP & CISO, Brookfield Asset Management; Milinda Rambel Stone, VP & CISO, Provation Medical; Brent Lassi, CISO, Bluecore; Mike Muha, Chief Security and Privacy Officer, Workforce Software.

Also, Trend Micro shares about Dynamic Challenges to Threat Detection and Endpoint Security—and how to overcome them.

• SecureWorld 2020 conference schedule:

• Trend Micro “Dynamic Challenges to Endpoint Security” paper: