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The SecureWorld Sessions

Nov 4, 2021

This discussion on the cybersecurity talent pipeline problem is unlike any other you have heard before. And you and your organization could play a part in growing the future of the cybersecurity workforce. We're talking with the founders of the Last Mile Education Fund:

•  Rian Walker, Information Security Analyst, Financial Sector

•  Sarah Lee, Director, School of Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering, University of Southern Mississippi

•  Ruthe Farmer, CEO & Founder, Last Mile Education Fund

Thank you to Trend Micro, a global leader in cloud and XDR security, for being our premier podcast partner.

Resource Links:

•  Last Mile Education Fund:

•  Trend Micro initiative, Cybersecurity Education for Universities:

•  Trend Micro's "Linux Threat Report 2021":

•  SecureWorld conferences:

The SecureWorld Sessions podcast gives you access to people and ideas that impact your cybersecurity career and help you secure your organization.