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The SecureWorld Sessions

May 11, 2021

Join a CISO panel for a fast-moving discussion around the following questions:

1. The state of cybersecurity: what can we understand from security's rise and the rise of the CISO?
2. What does the business need more of from security teams? And what about from security leaders?
3. Are InfoSec job postings way out of line with reality?
4. What is something you've learned from a mentor or experience?

Featuring these thought leaders:

•  Britney Hommertzheim, Director, Cyber Operations, Cardinal Health
•  Kevin Hardcastle, Associate CISO, Washington University in St. Louis
•  Cindi Carter, CISO, IntSights

Resource Links:

•  MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations by Trend Micro. See the results:

•  SecureWorld virtual conferences:

The SecureWorld Sessions podcast gives you access to people and ideas that impact your cybersecurity career and help you secure your organization.

Thank you to Trend Micro, a global leader in cloud and XDR security, for being our premier podcast partner.