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The SecureWorld Sessions

Jun 2, 2020

In this episode, we are speaking to "The Privacy Professor" Rebecca Herold, one of the authors of the new NIST Privacy Framework and host of her own privacy and cybersecurity podcast. She unpacks the privacy and security challenges of coronavirus contact tracing, which relies on massive amounts of personal data to work.

"I mean, you can't preserve privacy if you can't control the data," Herold says. "And to control the data, you have to have security applied to it in many different ways and layers, making sure only those who need access can get access, protecting the data from being captured as it's being transmitted through different types of pathways and other methods."

Also, Trend Micro shares ransomware mitigation techniques for the new Nefilim ransomware.


•  Trend Micro research: "Nefilim Ransomware Threatens to Expose Stolen Data":

• Rebecca Herold's podcast:

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